The head of this team is Rick Flick. He has had a thing for wood most of this life, but until recently he has not had the space to be able to do much woodworking. Now that our shop is complete with up to date equipment he has found his true love (besides me of course), turning on a lathe. After coming home from his job, the first thing he does is gets his stuff together to turn another beautiful item.

Rick is the reason I have become interested in woodworking. I am Lucia (Lucy) Flick. Rick and I have been married for over 37 years. We have tried many endeavors over the years and each one was totally different than the last. Woodworking is something we both love to do and hope you will love our efforts.

We live in a small town in Central Kentucky (the Bluegrass Area). Lancaster is the smallest town we have ever lived in. We moved here six years ago from Merritt Island Florida when the company Rick worked for went under because of the economy. Being a Computer Science Major from the University of Nebraska and a military vetran, Rick and I have lived all over the Midwest and Eastern seaboard.

We are just like everyone else today - trying to make a living on what we know and love to do. That is why we decided to make woodworking a major part of our lives.

Please keep us in mind when you are looking for that unique gift for a special person in your life.